Miniature Faking

Recently Tilt Shift Photos have been making headlines on blog aggregators such as Digg and 2leep. This photo method is an impressive way of making real scenes look like photos of miniature models. I am not going to bore you with the details of the science behind Tilt Shift photography but click continue reading to see some really cool examples.

Keith Loutit is an Australian artist I discovered who is doing a lot of Tilt Shift work, however he is splicing it all together to create movies. I have included one of his videos below, but to see more of his work (definitely worth doing) go to his site and watch the video that appears.

Also, here are some really cool still Tilt Shift Photos I found.

Little game

There are no mini disasters

Tikal Miniature

cliff 3000


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  2. […] Miniature Faking […]