Yacht Week

Continuing the trend of young adult holidays pioneers by Contiki Travel are the brilliant developers behind The Yacht Week.

Have you ever imagined being able to take a Yacht around Greece, Ibiza, Croatia, or the British Virgin Islands for a week with your best friends, and better yet, it is a perfect world where the girl-guy ratio is even and everyone is attractive!? Well now it is possible. You can get on a Yacht and sail the Mediterranean Sea for a week for as little as 300 Euro per Person. Prices do go all the way up to 1500 Euro per person for those who live just outside the Hamptons (because lets face it, if you live in the Hamptons you have your own bloody Yacht). Regardless, check out the promo video below to see what its like to live on a boat in Europe for a week with a several hundred 18-25 year old kids who have no intersests outside of cheap vodka and trashy techno.

To find out more about The Yacht Week click here.