Athletics nowadays is dominated by glorified team sports and underviewed endurance sports. As much as I love to crush runs and bikes and attempt to swim, row, and XC ski — there’s no future in it. Why’s that? There’s no money in these endurance sports because they aren’t interesting enough to be watched and televised. The fix? Drink Red Bull, more importantly have Red Bull sponsored events.

Red Bull has been making a point in involving themselves in little watched extreme sports and jacking up the intensity. They’re already heavily involved in motorsport and the x-games but the energy drink company has also expanded into building and running stunt planes, and more recently rowing and biking. They’ve managed to make rowing a slightly less boring sport by making competitors in Red Bull rowing events traverse three lakes and carry their boats on their shoulders in cross country runs from lake to lake. Makes the work harder but doesn’t score super high on the cool scale. They have however done it right with indoor cycling. Going bigger and faster? Not exactly.

Red Bull’s managed to spice up a sport by getting into the miniaturization business:

Say what you want but I think it’s a lot better than a bunch of uptight white guys in spandex riding around a giant saucer. People need to take a page from RB and figure out how to advertise endurance sports more, maybe even if they have to take a little of the endurance out of it.