Liu Bolin: The Invisible Man in NYC

Liu Bolin, a 38 year old, Chinese artist-brothern. He hails from Shandong, China yet can blend in wherever he finds himself. He says that his art is in protest against the Government who tried to shut him down in 2005 solely based on opposition to conform to modern society. Liu has no problem spending up to 10 hours on a single photo and in good measure, produces phenomenal photos.

Earlier this week, he added to his “Hiding in New York” exhibition by placing himself in “Tiles for America” at the corner of Greenwich St and 7th Ave that were hung to commemorate 9/11. These tiles were hung shortly after the attacks by surrounding neighbors in no particular fashion. Liu’s assistants painted an impressive chain fence and identical tile background to complete the photo.

Look for his work at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York until August 28, 2011.