Summertime Tracks

Right now it’s 78 and sunny which is possibly my favorite weather. The grill is going and it smells like smoke and fresh cut grass. AND its a fucking friday. I’ve been sitting here for the hour trying to find music thats as perfect. I probably can’t do it, but drink as much white wine as I have and anything will sound great.

Vamos a la Playa by Some Hot Euro Chick

My favorite part about this video (other than the scantily clad women) are the really awkward and random little kids thrown in between raunchy beach makeout scenes. Shit maybe thats just how the roll in Spain.

Surprise Hotel by Fool’s Gold

Not going to lie I heard this song on the Stereomood summertime playlist – so I guess that makes it some algorithms favorite summer song and not mine… Also just watched the video for the first time when writing this post. Too funny.

MyBoyBlu by Blu

Blu is one of my all time favorite artist. I went through this phase in the spring where I downloaded some 15 mixtapes and listened to them all in 2 weeks. MyBoyBlu was the first Blu track I ever really heard and liked and when I rediscovered it months later I scoured the interwebs for anything else by him. This is a perfect track for when the suns out and the windows are down. It’s also got some great fucking lines:

she pissed cause i beat then kiss her on the cheek like I didn’t put it in her last week


gettin head from a nurse until my hearse comes hoping god forgives me for my cursed tongue

Also how could you not love the Old School sample. What a fuckin G.

Just Jammin’ by Gramatik (Track starts at 57 seconds)

A lot of Gramatik’s work has a real heavy jazz influence which I love. This is definitely one of the better tracks, plus the video is fucking dope. Wish I could ride like that kid. Last time I was on a board I hit a speedbump going down a hill, flew about 20 feet, and broke the fall with my face. It probably would’ve been okay if I had that soundtrack as it was happening.

Stuntin with a Milli by Basic Physics (Pretty Lights vs. Lil Wayne)

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So this song took me over an hour to upload. Almost fucked up this entire blog. But I guess it’s still worth it because I the song has been on repeat this whole time and I’m still not that mad. Sometimes Weezy just makes me smile.

Let me know what your favorite summertime tracks are.