J. Cole – Any Given Sunday

Summer has sort of been blending together between raiding liquor cabinets, making late night runs to CVS, and unfortunately holding a full time job. And to make the end of summer just that much more melancholy the last season of Entourage just started. It honestly pains me to watch each episode. The end of Entourage made me understand all those Facebook statuses that came out when Harry Pottery 7 Part 2 was released about childhood ending. To top it all off Top Gear just finished their summer series.

BUT ITS ALL GOOD. J Cole just made me smile more than a good high. From now until 9.27.11 when his first album drops he will be releasing free music/video every Sunday. So thank you J Cole. I will no be spending all my Sunday’s refreshing www.dreamvillian.net until you give us more gold.

Until then download Any Given Sunday #1 here.