Blu – NoYork!

I have been craving a new Blu album since I rediscovered his music this spring and downloaded ever possible mixtape, LP, EP, Album, and Single I could find. Needless to say I have been dying for NoYork! to be released from the moment I heard Blu talk about the Project

Through one of his tumblrs Blu has been slowly releasing photos associated with the project. For a few weeks he was posting one photo a day alongside a track name and featured artists/producers. More recently Blu has been releasing a set of 4 covers that come together to look like this:

Finally Blu tweeted a link the album on a Youtube channel late last night. I’m about halfway through the album now and to be honest it’s not my favorite work by Blu. I don’t really like the new style with the heavier production. I really loved what he did on HerFavouriteColour with the movie samples and really low key mellow tracks. I’m sure it will grow on me, but either way, all the photos Blu has released with the project are amazing – and I think I actually like those more than the album itself.

Download NoYork! here.

And check out all the NoYork! pictures below: