These days I tend to do a lot of things after a drink or two. Also, because my internet isn’t all that fast I have been downloading songs rather than streaming them off the various sites/blogs I read. This combination has left me with quite a number of songs on my iTunes that I can’t really account for. Most of the time they are new leaks with one or two artists who I know and like.

One of these tracks is by the Tokyo DJ Anchorsong. To be honest I didn’t even know he was from Tokyo until I started googling him to write this track. Either way he know lives out in London and has an album due out November 28th.

The track I have (and have been listening to on repeat for a few days) is titled Plum Rain – it’s hard for me to describe the song so listen to it yourself and listen to more of his stuff here:

Oh AND his concerts have been described as ““like watching a painter drawing on a white canvas”, as he creates electronic music completely live using a sampler (MPC2500) and a keyboard, right in front of the audience.” So maybe a trip across the pond is in order soon…