Get On My Level

I guess this has been the week of random rediscoveries. I guess thats what happens when you can’t sleep and spend your nights exploring the depths of the internet (don’t do it, they are scary)

Anyway, I remember seeing this cover video of Wiz Khalifa’s On My Level by some British chick named Neon Hitch a couple months back. I think its pretty funny with its feature of New Yorks hobos, asians, and hipsters. I rediscovered it today when posted some of the lyrics to Khalifa’s On My Level which are actually funny as fuck. See both below.

“The marijuana loud so them hoes follow like twitter nigga, you know everything Taylored. Don’t rush to the bar fool, if you ain’t got no paper. That’s the rules, high as fuck, sloppy drunk when I’m passing through, Rollin’ doobies up, ya hoe who we pass ‘em to. Hit the club spend this money up, roll another one, drink, act a fool That’s what I have to do Come to my house I give ‘em everything they want I might not dot it, but I give to ya women Cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, GHB, Marijuana She can suck it if she wanna. I got tequila, Ciroc and two freaky friends. and this a Wednesday night, this ain’t the weekend. Man I’m high as fuck. Man I swear I’m on my level. Man I’m sloppy drunk. A nigga get smashed out. Man I swear I’m on my level.”